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Cascadia's Curse, Readers Take Note

One of our members steathily writing under the pen name of J.A.Charnov has just published an ebook for the Kindle.   I don't have a Kindle but I bought it anyway and can read it in my browser.  Show your support and have a read, it is only $2.99 which is quite shocking to me.  I read a portion of it before it came out and very much enjoyed it.  I love that on the first page there are two musical references.  Our friend handles the characters very well smoothily spins the transition form the world that was to the world that becomes the norm for the book. 
This is someone you all know and love who recently talked to us about this.  I am taking that post down to protect her privacy.  What's the use of using a pen name if everyone can easily find out who you are.  Thanks J.A. for all you have done for this community. 
on May 20, 2014 1:51am
YES!!! Get it!! It is VERY enjoyable and well-written!! And shocking? Definitely!! It reminded me of that old song "There's got to be a morning after..." KUDOS to JA!! I hope and pray it becomes a movie - it would be great!!

(And if anyone is interested in non-fiction horse books, I have two out there... plus a fictionalized short story ;) )
on May 20, 2014 1:54pm
Another reader offers kudos.  And, though it hadn't occurred to me before, yes, it would make a very good movie.  Wouldn't that be interesting.  Our colleague the media mogul, owning the rights to a blockbuster movie. 
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