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I teach middle school chorus - non auditioned.  Most of the kids are interested in singing; a few are not.  Our concert is in about a week.  I've taught them the music, have given them rehearsal tracks along with a graded practice log, and have been trying to polish things for the concert.  I have a couple of problems.  One or two of my kids in each group refuse to sing (they're in chorus because it gets them full year p.e.), a few more refuse to do the choreography, and in one of my groups, they sing so quietly (shy?  scared?) that I can barely hear them.  I have a few other kids who just can't hear that they're off pitch or going off pitch (and more often than not, they're the loud ones.)  I've been trying to work on a few note mistakes, having the strength to sing harmony, memorization issues, and expression, but those last few errors just won't get fixed.  Suggestions?
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