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TTB part-predominant tracks of CSN’s “Helplessly Hoping” now available.

The beautiful three part harmonies of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s “Helplessly Hoping” may be of interest to students. Now Ken Theriot has made his recordings of all three parts available for purchase on SingHarmony®.com at this link:
He as posted a YouTube video of him playing and singing all three parts at this link: This could be inspiring to students who aren’t yet aware of what technology will allow them to do on their own.
SingHarmony®.com would like to encourage the leaders of all kinds of choirs to create and share part-predominant tracks of music their groups have mastered so that the joy of singing in harmony and quickly learning new repertoire can gain the largest possible audience. Please visit our web site,, watch the three short videos on our home page and then become a content provider, raising the profile of your group, and earning income as the part-predominant tracks you create are sold. Thanks.
Jim Taylor, President
SingHarmomy®.com Inc.
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