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JANA?EK´S PRAGUE 2014 - competition of young vocal singers and vocal groups

Location: Czech Republic
Concert agency CTA in cooperation with Prague Conservatory announced competition of young vocal singers and vocal groups in the frame of Year if Czech music.
The year 2014 is a remarkable year for Czech music, with over sixty prominent Czech composers, performers, and musical organizations celebrating anniversaries incl. Leoš Janá?ek.
Categories: SOLOISTS

A/ Younger children´s group (9 - 11)
B/ Older children´s group (12 - 14)

C/ Youth group I. (15 - 17)

D/ Youth group II. (18 – 20)

E/ Conservatory students (15 - 20)


A/ Children´s (till 15 years)
B/ Youth (16 – 20 years)
C/ Adult (over 20 years)

1/ Classical vocal ensembles (á capellá)
2/ Ensembles with folk and country music repertoire
3/ Ensembles with pop-music and jazz repertoire (only for groups B/ and C/)

Registration deadline is 8th September 2014.

For more info & to register, please visit:


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