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2014 Pan-Orthodox Liturgical Music Symposium

Location: Kentucky, USA
Announcing the 2014 Pan-Orthodox Liturgical Music Symposium
"Orthodox Liturgical Music Composition:  Fostering a Living Creative Tradition in the English-Speaking World"
June 12-15, 2014
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY (Greater Cincinnati Region)
The 2014 Pan-Orthodox Liturgical Music Symposium is a four-day event specifically dedicated to singers, conductors, and composers of all Orthodox traditions.  The symposium will encourage and explore the current state of Orthodox choral composition in the English-speaking world today.  The event will include opportunities for participants to sing new Orthodox choral music, to participate in discussions, to hear presentations, and to attend a very special concert featuring newly-composed Orthodox choral works performed by the East/West Festival Choir under the direction of Peter Jermihov.
At this symposium, you will be able to:
• Sing new or recently-composed works by Glagolev, Zes, Resanovic, Lucs, Sander, Monk Martin, Hrebenko, Ryabchenko, Toensing, Karam, Zakkak, Gan, and many others.
• Hear presentations by some of today's most active composers and scholars in the field of Orthodox music.
• Attend a concert of new Orthodox music by the East/West Festival Choir under the direction of Peter Jermihov.
• Meet new friends and enjoy great conversation.
• Sing in the choir at the newly-constructed church of St. George in the Divine services featuring chant and choral music composed in the past 20 years and specifically written for the in the English language .
Special guest speakers, conductors, singers include:
Fr. Sergei Glagolev (composer)
Tikey Zes (composer)
Irene Riazanova (conductor)
Peter Jermihov (conductor)
Vladimir Morosan (musicologist, conductor)
John Michael Boyer (chanter)
Nicolas Schidlovsky (musicologist)
Richard Barrett (chanter)
Kurt Sander (composer) 
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