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Two free vocal albums, for Educators and their students: Free from Mister Tim

Location: Colorado, USA
A special offer for ChoralNet users: two complete albums from Mister Tim, free for download for you and your students:
Mister Tim the Funky Introvert"The Funky Introvert" is 19 tracks of original music featuring Mister Tim's progressive indie rock as performed in his solo live-looping shows. Many tracks are appropriate performance pieces for forward-thinking choral groups and scholastic a cappella groups (sheet music available by request).
Mister Tim Smiley Laughy Happy Facey"Smiley Laughy Happy Facey" is Mister Tim's latest album of clean comedic a cappella. Known for his work with viral video sensations "moosebutter" (Star Wars: John Williams is the Man) and for his perrenial Men's choir novelty hit "Pirate Song," Tim presents twisted covers, parodies, and original songs. Sheet music is available by request.
 Singer, composer, conductor, music director, and a cappella innovator Mister Tim (Timothy Jones) travels the world performing his solo live-looping / modern choral music shows and workshopping and coaching student choirs and a cappella groups. He studied in the Masters of Choral Conducting program at the University of Colorado-Boulder with Joan Conlon and Lawrence Kaptein and holds a BA in Music, Vocal Performance emphasis, from the University of Utah.

As one of the leading innovators in modern a cappella music, Mister Tim has created more than a dozen award-winning groups that have toured around the world.  His groups include 2010 International Harmony Sweepstakes Champions Plumbers of Rome, comedy quartet and internet celebrities moosebutter, a cappella cover band Wonder Voice, indie-rock vocal band THROAT, beatbox quartet Mouth Beats, and the world's first (and only?) a cappella heavy metal band Placental Armageddon.   

As a soloist, Mister Tim pushes the boundaries of vocal performance, using technology to 'live-loop' his voice on stage, creating songs in real time with just his voice and an astonishing array of vocal techniques and sound effects.  Full bands, choirs, and soundscapes come to life as Mister Tim performs his one-of-a-kind, often quirky, always fascinating original songs, as well as delightfully skewed cover versions of hit songs.  With a heavy dose of improvisation and spur-of-the-moment, influenced-by-the-audience flights of spontaneity, each Mister Tim solo show is unique.