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Festival in Norway - 1 month left for registration!

Location: Norway
SING in the workshops leaded by 4 fantastic conductors:
- Karmina Silec from Slovenia -  only for girls & women
- Tove Ramlo from Norway - mixed choirs
- Josep Prats from Spain - mixed choirs
- Sanna Valvanne from Finland - children's choirs
PERFORM at the concerts shared with all the other choirs attending the Festival:
  • Folk concert where the choir perform music from its home country: Ringve museum 
  • Sacred concert where the choir perform religious music (other kind of music is welcome as well): Lademoen Kirke
  •  Informal concert where the choir could perform the music of its choice (it will be an outdoor concert in a public area!)
  • Closing concert of the festival where all the workshops repertoire rehearse during the week will be performed: Nidaros Cathedral
Participation & Prices: 
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