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Participation in a Musical used as a waiver for PE credit

Has anyone been successful having school administration approve that a student's participation in their high school's musical can count as a PE credit or count toward having their required PE credit waived? At our high school, students who participate in 2 seasons of a sport or 2 seasons of marching band can waive a PE credit.  We are trying to also have 2 seasons of participation in the musical waive a PE credit too.  Suggestions / Successes?
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on March 15, 2014 8:45pm
I've never known of anyone who has done this but my suggestion would be to also look into seeing if anyone has waived the PE credit for:
A theater class (the non-musical variety)
A dance class
The dance team (do they count as a sport, I know cheerleading does at most schools but I don't know about the dance team)
Any form of extracurricular dance group
on March 16, 2014 8:04am
At our HS in CA, our dance teacher is a certified PE teacher. Her dance classes count as PE credit, so they are popular with girls who dislike sports.  Show Choir used to count for PE credit, but unfortunately, the State of California ended that about 10 years ago (much to my daughters' dismay). I do believe our dance team (also known as "songleaders" and "those pom pom girls") get PE credit, just like the cheerleaders.
on March 16, 2014 2:50am
I was involved for almost two decades in a hs music theatre program which did this.
1: Singing improves heart rate and lung capacity and requires a sustained effort. (I also worked with a cross country coach on employing some breathing teachniques from singing for runners)
2: Dance is often more muscle interaction than used in many sports.  Note how many football players have studied dace to do more with balance and lower body efforts
We succeed by inviting a coaches to go through a few days of paractice... credit granted after they saw the efforts involved.  It is the PE department that needs to drop the stereotypes.  Took effot to get the credit granted.
As well, dance and theater in general became PE credits, but kids still had usual PE when not in a show.
on March 16, 2014 6:51am
I have also recently brought up this possibility with administration.  We added up the actual hours of dance rehearsal for the student in question - that is key. We then compared this to hours spent in PE or a sport. I also pointed out the excellent aerobic workout out that singing while dancing entails.  Admin is open to it.  The concern is that it won't be a consistent offering due to the varying degrees of dancing that any given musical requires. Good luck!
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