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Performance updates for the music of Joseph Gentry Stephens

Hello fellow choral people,
Just thought I would report some performances here that have happened and are coming soon.  In the five months from November 2013 to April 2014 (Next Month) there will have been
eleven different choral works from my catalogue performed in various concerts and church services.  Many thanks to the conductors who have championed my work.  Especially, J.D Goddard, Toni Diem, Stephen White, Keith Kirchoff, and William Rayburn.  Special thanks to William Rayburn and Toni Diem for commissions (Lauda Sion and Joy).  
The list of other works performed in this time span are:
1. Gloria
2. Alleluia
3. Amen
Hodie Christus natus est
Festival Psalm
My Silence Now Speaks for Me
In Paradisum
Ubi Caritas
ChoralNet steers a lot of traffic to my website and I wanted to express thanks for that as well to everyone who has a hand in it. 
Hope to be able to report many more performances.
Keep singing,
Joseph Gentry Stephens
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