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Suo Gan - a Welsh lullaby

I am a native Welsh speaker and singer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and if any choral groups are interested in singing "Suo Gan" in Welsh, please contact me if you want help with pronunciation.  Welsh is a tricky language to pronounce and there are some pretty bad versions on the web, so let me know if I can help you.  I grew up speaking Welsh and have been a singer for as long as I can remember- I am also Cultural Director of the Welsh-American Society of Northern California and we seek to promote Welsh language and culture in the area. 
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on February 3, 2014 4:53pm
Always good to know about resources! I direct the choir at St. David of Wales (Richmond CA), but we've so far only sung SUO GAN to "Truly I believe and surely". There is a Latin office of St. David, from which we plan to sing second vespers this Mar. 1 at 4:30 or so.
on February 4, 2014 4:39am
You would do the whole choral community a great service by singing or speaking the correct pronunciation,  providing a translation and IPA transcirption and placing these teaching tools on youtube.   Most of us are far from California and would like to use Suo Gan from time to time,  as it is well-known and well loved.   
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on February 5, 2014 9:17am
Thank you for your interest in this lovely traditional song.  I'm always delighted to help people who want to learn how to pronounce my beautiful language.  I will try to post something on youtube soon - I have a cold and cough right now so the voice is not great!  However, I have just written out a phonetic guide to this song (I wrote it for Ragazzi Continuo - - a wonderful a cappella group in the SF Bay Area) and I would be happy to email that to you.  It also includes the (very different!) Welsh alphabet and a pointer on how to pronounce certain letters in Welsh.  Just send an email to eryl(a) and I will send it to you.
on February 4, 2014 10:38am
For those in central NY state, there is a Welsh choir organized by the St. David's Society of the First United Methodist Church, 105 Genesee, New Hartford (on the south side of Utica).  They also sponsor visiting Welsh choirs from time to time.  There are other societies in central NY, Albany, and in New England.
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