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Pay rate for accompanists at solo/ensemble festivals

Hello, Colleagues,
Would you please let me know how much your local accompanists are paid (per student) to rehearse and perform at solo and ensemble festivals? 
Thanks for your input!
on January 31, 2014 6:56pm
Hi Jennifer,
My son--a pianist with a BM, MM and Performers Certificate--charges a flat rate of $30 per student if the students are self-paying.  If the district is paying him, he charges a flat rate of $200/$250, depending on the number of students. He has accompanied for both voice and instrumental students and has worked with as many as 20/25 students per festival. He's a young guy and this is gas money for him!  We are in the south suburbs (and where his HS connections are) of Chicago and this is similar to what others in the area are charging.
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