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Miguel Cervantes

In doing some research today, I learned that Cervantes and Shakespeare both died on the same exact day--April 23, 1616.  (Full disclosure--some sources cite Cervantes' death as occurring on April 22, but pretty close nonetheless!)
This got me to thinking about whether there was any choral music other than arrangements of songs from Man of La Mancha that utilize Cervantes as a text source.  I find operatic music by Donizetti, Weber, and de Falla on IMSLP, but precious little else anywhere.
Does anyone know of any other choral music based on texts by Cervantes?  It seems amazing to me that a literary figure of Cervantes' stature has so little choral connection.
Thanks in advance to you all for your wisdom!
Bob Demaree
Director of Choral Activities, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
on January 29, 2014 1:10am
Good idea, Bob!
To get answers to your questions, very easy!
Ask the choral music database Musica :
Go to the "More criteria" search form, and there search for "Cervantes" in the "Author of text" field.
There are several answers...
Have fun
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