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Children's Choir Tribute to Doctor Who

Matt Smith has left the BBC TV show Doctor Who.  He is the only Doctor many of the children in the Children's Choir of teh Internet have ever known and they are sad about him leaving.  We covered the Long Song from the episdode "The Rings of Akhaten" and posted a video.  This is a choir that has only been around about a year and a half and we have a long way to go musically.   I am grateful to the help and support I received on ChoralNet to help me start the non-profit that sponsors this choir.  Thanks also to ChoralNet member Mike O'Mara and his Evanston Teen Choir for helping us with this performance.  If you like Doctor Who, have a peek and consider sharing with your Whovian friends. Wouldn't it be cool if Matt Smith saw this?
Jack Senzig
Children's Choir of teh Internet
Founder and Artistic Director
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