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Composition Spotlight: Unfinished Melodies

(Each week we look at one or two of the best choral works posted in the Composition Showcase here on ChoralNet.  This is where we store a treasure trove of works that your choirs will love to sing and your audiences will love to hear.)
Unfinished Melodies by Linda MarcusRobert Ross, Ken Matejka and Jack Senzig for SATB and Piano (Click here for PDF and here for AUDIO)
Let the Children Play (and Learn in Peace) - for Newtown by David Avshalomov SATB, Piano and opt. Flutes (Click here for PDF and here for AUDIO)
Through the Eyes of the Children by Daryl Crockford 2 solos and SATB or SA and piano (Click here for PDF and here for AUDIO)
Level: Various
Uses: Anniversary of Extreme Loss
Program Themes: Children, Memory, Newtown
Being a choir director is a lot like being a pastor.  We minister to the needs of our community of singers, families and audience members.  When loss of the magnitude of that felt at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 strikes, we feel the need to do something about it.  Finding the right way to acknowledge what has happened, remember those who were lost and help our communities deal with their emotions is part of our ministerial role.  
When the tragedy struck, many members of the Composers of Choral Music Community on ChoralNet responded through our art.  Several composers have written works, many available on the Composition Showcase.  
Lyricist Linda Marcus (River in Judea) teamed up with Robert Ross and me to write Unfinished Melodies.  This piece will be available for performance after it's premiere in March 2014.
David Avshalomov composed Let The Children Play.  The text speaks to children being the hope for healing the world. This piece is seeking a premiere. It was the subject of a Composition Showcase article in May, 2013.
Daryl Crockford's Through the Eyes of the Children was the subject of a Composition Showcase article in May 2013.  There are SATB and SA arrangements available.  I last listened to this piece more than half a year ago and I could still sing it today.  It is THAT memorable.  It is also seeking a premiere. 
The works are available in the Composition Showcase here on ChoralNet.