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Bright was the Star SATB with orchestral accompaniment

Brian posted this lovely poem here exactly a year ago:
High on a hill the snow lay white.
Chill was the midnight air.
Bright was the star that shed its light
On shepherds watching there.
Then came a messenger who told
News of a baby’s birth,
One who would end the winter’s cold
And wake the waiting earth.
Snug in a manger full of straw,
Safe in a cattle shed,
Slumbers the child whose love will thaw
The ice of human dread.
So now we come, and now we tell
News of the new-born king.
God has come down on earth to dwell,
And Winter now is Spring.
                        Brian Holmes
With his permission, I have set it to music, and here is the result, which I am pleased to share with members of this forum:
[It also exists in a simpler version, with piano or organ accompaniment, in the Composeres' Showcase.]
Wishing you all a very happy Christmas from Birmingham, UK!
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