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Need to borrow/purchase pieces by American composers with texts by female, American poets

Location: Arizona, USA
Item: Multiple pieces
Composer/Arranger/Edition: Multiple composers
Starting: As soon as possible
For: Just to peruse, then return or pay to keep
Copies: 1 of each
Willing to rent: No
I am looking at a broad spectrum of music from American composers with texts by female, American poets (some include Emily Dickinson, Amy Lowell, Elinor Wylie, Sara Teasdale, etc.) for the women's chorus I conduct. Part of my degree requirement is to give a lecture recital, so I'm hoping to take a look at all of these pieces and then narrow down the list from there.
Most were available from music publishers. The only ones I could not find single copies of were the ones listed below.
If I can borrow, purchase, or even look at scans (single copies) of these pieces, please send me an e-mail at
-Two Dickinson Settings by David Long (SSAA)
-Hope is the Thing: An Emily Dickinson Suite (specifically numbers 1 [Hope is the thing with feathers] and 4 [If you were coming in the fall]) by Emma Lou Diemer (SSA/SA)
-Hope is the Thing with Feathers by Gordon Binkerd (SSAA)
-A Winter Ride by Greg Lapp (SSA)
Thank you for any and all help anyone can be!
Ashley Conway