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Songs with SATB/SSAATTBB and intricate piano

My college music department has been having certain funding issues recently, and a small vocal ensemble I am in has decided to start performing concerts to fundraise.  A world reknowned pianist at our school has volunteered to collaborate a show with us, so I was wondering if there was any chorale music that had a more intricate piano piece, or a piece that featured a piano solo that would showcase his skill.  As for the chorale part to any piece, as long as it is under 10 parts we can handle it.
on April 11, 2014 2:08am
Hello Jaclyn,
Right up my alley!
I'd like to suggest a couple of my own choral works that have a piano accompaniment which is equal in interest, though considerably greater in virtuosity than the voices. The two pieces are J’entends le moulin, and V’la l’bon vent (SATB) and believe me, they show off the pianists virtuosity! I have been asked on occasion if I would create a ‘simpler’ piano accompaniment but I not succumbed. J’entends le moulin is available for SATB,  SSA, SS/SA and TTBB; all may be sung together or in different combinations, as the accompaniments are identical.
< > Both are published by Earthsongs, and the recently published V’la l’bon vent is awaiting its US premiere.
on April 11, 2014 6:54am
Hello Jocelyn
I just noticed that you sent your question to the College and Universities Forum; you would, I am sure, obtain considerably more responses if you were to send it also to the Composers Forum, as well as to the general ChoralNet Forum.
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