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Multicultural Choral Works for a Middle School Choir.

Dear Colleagues,
I am a graduate of Indiana State University and I have been given a wonderful opportunity to be a choral instructor at a middle school in Indiana. There are 10 girls(6 sopranos, 4 altos) and 5 boys(2 tenors, 3 basses). They are very talented and are so ethusiastic about music. I am creating their spring program and I am a little stumped on finding music for them. I would like to make this program multicultural. This group has sung pieces in Latin and I want to introduce them to something different. What are some choral pieces that are energetic, multicultural, and is not in Latin? Looking forward to viewing your suggestions!
Sarah Wellman
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on December 1, 2013 4:52pm
My middle schoolers went mad for Victor Johnson's "Tres Canciones de los Elementos." Our accompanist loved it too (so did the audience and I did too). Interesting chord progressions and the text is simple Spanish with a clear pronunciaiton guide. I really can't say enough about how much we liked it. It is SAB, but I believe it is only a d above mid c and an f below in range, so should be doable by all your singers. Also, many altered pitches and mixed meter, so a fun sight-singing challenge, but a fairly easy piece for them to wrap their heads around and really excercise their musicianship.
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