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Deadline approaching for Non-Competitive Choirs

Location: Ireland
If you would love to join us in Cork for the 60th Cork International Choral Festival without the pressure of competition then read all about our Non-Competitive section here and send us your application before 30th November 2013.
Each year a number of international choirs are selected to participate in the Non-Competitive strand of the Festival. Participating non-competitively gives choirs the opportunity to present informal performances in various locations across the city, while having the possibility to meet with other choirs, see some of Ireland’s beautiful countryside, attend some of the festival events, sing, mingle, and soak up the festival atmosphere here in Cork.
Non-competitive choirs are free to organise their own tourist activities while in Cork, but are asked to please keep the Festival o?ce informed as their itinerary comes together to ensure that no time-tabling cross over occurs. The Festival is very flexible in terms of programming non -competitive choirs, and while we would be happy to schedule up to 2 to 3 informal performances per day for each choir, we would also encourage you to highlight any specific requests in relation to your schedule you may have at the time of application.
The Festival o?ers the following range of activities to visiting Non-Competitive choirs:
• Various informal public performances as part of the Festival’s popular Choral Trail
• A performance at a mass or church service in one of the city’s churches as part of the Festival’s Sacred Trail.
• A performance, on a selected basis, in one of the Festival’s concerts
Each choir is required to forward by 30th November 2013:
1. A completed application form
2. A recent CD recording of the choir, or approximately five MP3 files sent by email
3. A short history of the choir detailing activities and achievements
4. A recent high-resolution photograph of the choir (suitable for publicity purposes)
5. Details of repertoire
6. Receipt of payment of entry fee (See Entry Fees)
All items for submission can be sent by email, however, please note that a printed and signed copy of the application form must still be received by the Festival Office by November 30th of the preceding year to secure your application.
Join us in Cork as a Non-Competitive Choir for the 60th Cork International Choral Festival 2014!
Closing date for applications for Non-Competitive International choirs is 30th November 2013
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