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Visiting Irish Choir

Hello all.
Not being used to web forums I would be grateful for a little 'wriggle room' here. I'm not sure where to post this.
My recently co-educational school (until three months ago we were a boys' only school) hopes to visit New York/ Brooklyn during late March 2015. We are likely to bring 40 to 50 students and would like to team up with a high-school/ high schools/ youth choir in the area for some informal or formal music-making. We have a good choral programme at my school although the differences between how it operates (mostly outside the main curriculum) are too complex to go into here for now.
My school is non-denominational although we would have no hang ups about performing with any
denomination or in any cultural context. Performance at a church service or mass is no problem and we would embrace it as a welcome cultural experience.
Best regards