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Stick Time: High-Quality in the Community Chorus

Unlike so very many (dare we say most?) of the things we do during our days as students, the joy of singing in a choir does not need to stop just because one has left school.  Of course, there is no way to replace the level of growth that is possible through the discipline of a daily rehearsal, it is entirely reasonable to continue enjoying a choral existence well beyond the walls of an educational institution.
Community choirs provide both life-long singing opportunities for vocalists and open a remarkable body of repertoire to the conductor.  Those who invest their time to sing with a community choir are generally well-motivated, and eager to sing at a high-quality level.  While the adult singer may not be able to rehearse every day as do their school-age counterparts, neither are they dealing with the sort of attention-robbing challenges of pubescent singers, thus making their limited rehearsal time exceptionally efficient.
Here is a selection by a community choir from a recent ACDA national conference.  For those who might scoff, “well, those are all paid professional singers” . . . au contraire! These folks volunteer their time just for the joy of singing wonderful literature.  What sort of great music could YOU create with a choir of talented, dedicated adult singers?