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Fall 2013 Check in on Compositions, Awards, Commissions

Let's hear how you are doing.  I'm hoping everyone has been terribly busy composing.  I know I have been insanely busy supporting and running my music programs. 
Any positive news from you would be refreshing and encouraging! Together we can make the world better through the Choral Art. 
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on November 9, 2013 10:57am
I have two commissions I am working on now...
Lauda Sion....a piece for the choir of Saint Xavier Catholic Church of Buffalo, Minnesota (Toni Diem, Director of Music)
Joy.....a piece for the concert choir of Houston High School of Germantown, Tennessee (William Rayburn, Director of Choral Activities)
I am very honored that these two ensembles have asked me to write for them and have faith in my music.  I look forward to completing the scores and starting many more.
Nothing can compare to being asked to create works of art.  Just knowing that these works will be performed is an absolute thrill.  
I wish you (fellow composers/artists) the very best as you also write and create.  
We are the music makers....we are the dreamers of dreams.
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on November 10, 2013 7:11am
Congrats Joseph. I've been a composer for years. Have been commissioned on a couple of TV peojects which still are playing. But mostly I have written, then used and promoted to get published. Done well. But not much commissioning. 
This afternoon I'm premiering a new work I composed with Katherine Cash, "Missa Resurrexit" 50 voices, 13 strings. Massive & delicate. Latin. It's at St. George's Episcopal Church, Laguna Hills CA. 4pm. Wish us well.
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on November 10, 2013 7:50am
Thanks Richard.  Good luck on the concert today.  Wish I could be there to hear it.  I don't have a single piece published but self publish on my own site. Sounds like you are well on your way with the TV projects etc.  I wish you continued success.  JGS
on November 9, 2013 12:31pm
Not choral, but the C Street Brass performs my "Variations On A Groove" on 11/16 at Wolfe Recital Hall at Del Mar College, TX. Corpus Christi Chamber Music Series...
Last month   "Coney Island" was given a fine performance by the College of Saint Rose Chamber Choir in Albany NY  score here:
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on November 9, 2013 2:30pm
The Ann Arbor Civic Chorus (Linda Jones, dir.) will be performing three of my pieces on their December 8 concert:  Riders on the Earth (the one highlighted recently by Jack), Mipney Mah (my setting of a traditional Hassidic melody for women's voices, piano, and Bb instrument), and my arrangement of Shenandoah (SATB a cappella, tenor solo).
Not much composition this summer/fall, I'm afraid.  I'd been having vision issues for some time, and it got to a point where I could not see the manuscript lines on the computer screen unless I "zoomed" about 250%, which made trying to write multi-part choral music nearly impossible.  Anyway, the cause was type of cataract that resulted in double/triple vision.  Had the first eye "fixed" in mid-September, and the second eye "fixed" a week ago -- now have to wait 3 more weeks before I can be fitted for reading glasses, but as of now, things are looking GREAT!  I'll be getting back into composing after the first of the year, as soon as things settle down schedule-wise.  I have 2 commissions waiting, with possibly one more coming.
In other words, life is good. :-)
Lana Mountford
Bellingham, WA
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on November 9, 2013 2:47pm
Good to hear how well you are progressing, Lana, and best wishes for your continuing recovery!
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on November 9, 2013 3:11pm
Thought I would mention that my good friend Jake Runestad has a premiere on Monday, Nov. 11 (Veterans' Day) at 7 PM Central Time with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, pianist Jeffrey Biegel, and the Symphony Chorus of New Orleans.  The work is entitled "Dreams of the Fallen" for chorus, piano, and orchestra, and incorporates poems by acclaimed poet and Iraq War veteran Brian Turner.  The concert will be live-streamed here.  Hope you'll tune in with me!
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on November 9, 2013 4:03pm
Earlier this year, ChoralNet member Jaclyn Johnson posted the following request on this forum: 'The University of Michigan is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Hill Auditorium this year.  The theme at the university this semester is called "Looking Forward."  In honor of the celebration, the Women's Glee Club (which is the oldest women's glee club in the U.S.) will be doing a concert entirely comprised of music written or arranged in 2013.'  
As I've not previously written anything in this genre, I thought I would have a go, and my simple a cappella setting of 'Gather ye rosebuds while ye may' for SSA is, I believe, being given its first performance by the Women's Glee Club in Michigan, USA this very evening!  I don't know how many other fellow composers from this forum submitted pieces for performance, but I'd like to thank Jaclyn for giving my little piece an airing!
Gordon Thornett
Birmingham, UK 
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on November 11, 2013 3:18pm
This kind fo connection makes this all worth while.   Thanks for sharing!
on November 9, 2013 4:18pm
My setting of Heaven Haven was performed at the Gala Concert of the ABCD convention in Oxford. You can hear a recording here.
Finished commissions and had premieres of a Hebrew setting of Ps. 121 ( for University of Nebraska and a new Lamentations of Jeremiah for Marietta College in Ohio.
Currently working on commission for a larger choral work for the Lied Center for the Performing Arts and the Tampa Bay Children's Chorus.
On the non-choral front, I finished a flute/clarinet duo for the PM Duo in Pittsburgh, writing a cello sonata for a commission for the NMTA convention, and writing a new organ piece to be premiered at the national convention of the Organ Historical Society. Also, a commissioned organ sonata I finished for Wyatt Smith last year will be recorded as the main feature on his debut album on the Raven label.
And, everyone should absolutely watch Jake Runestad's premiere on Monday.
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on November 9, 2013 5:18pm
Nothing new, but I received word the Georgia State University Choral Union was performing my arrangement of "Hard Times, Come Again No More" (Stephen Foster).  And my SSA settings of Sara Teasdale's "Hidden Love" and "Ballad of Two Knights" will be performed here by Southwest Minnesota State's Bella Voce.  It's wonderful to get some exposure.
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on November 9, 2013 8:56pm
Congratulations to my composer friends and colleagues. This is all great news!!!
So happy to see fellow artists hard at work. Keep it up - you're all doing important work and a service for contemporary music.
Kurt Erickson
on November 10, 2013 5:00am
Just got my Magnificat for choir a cappella premiered yesterday. Half an hour piece in 12 movements which can all be done separately. In Latin. Looking forward to getting the recording :)
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on November 10, 2013 5:52pm
My “Canterbury” Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis were premiered by the choirs of St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Philadelphia conducted by Peter Hopkins with organist Paula Pugh Romanaux on Sunday, November 3 at an evensong for All Saints, along with my “Oxford” Preces & Responses from 2010 written for the same choir. Awaiting audio and video!
Robert A.M. Ross <Robert Ross 11>
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on November 11, 2013 5:37am
Thanks for the encouragement, Jack.  It's insipring to read what others have been up to.  I have some news to share.  The Shepherd University (WV) Music Department asked me to arrange my six-part a cappella "Dona Nobis Pacem" for their Men's Choir, Robert Tudor, director, which they premiered a few weeks ago.  Today in fact, at the opening of an exhibit in St. Polten on the 1700th Anniversary of the Edict of Milan (religious tolerance), the Lower Austrian government is sponsoring a reprise of my Ecumencial Meditation (using that text) for SATB, flute, clarinet, cello & piano commissioned by Art Carnuntum, Piero Bordin, artistic director, with members of the Nis University Choir and Austrian Women's Orchestra.  My setting of "Ein Kind Geborn In Bethlehem" for SSATBB a cappella was commissioned by Southern California's Meistersingers, Brian Dehn, artistic director, and is in rehearsal to premiere in their Renaissance Christmas concerts in December.  They have asked me to compose more for them, specifics TBD.  I just finished an "O Sacrum Convivium" for SATB a cappella for St. Monica and St. James Episcopal in Washington, D.C., Daniel Elmer, music director, to premiere in 2014.  And I am finalizing my biggest current project, a 20-minute setting of the O Antiphons for SATB and organ commissioned by the Stuttgart (FRG) German-American Community Choir, Thomas Carter, director.  Turns out that's for 2014 and we might tweak some things after they start rehearsing, but the piece is completed.  And I have a request left from last year to complete for Spring 2014 for George Washington Middle School in Alexandria, Virginia, Anne Provencher, director.  I'm grateful for all these opportunities, especially the directors who give me leeway with texts and musical ideas.  Regards to all, 
Christopher J. Hoh
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on November 11, 2013 2:46pm
I have a new lyric just out: Come, Let Us Ponder (music composed by Craig Curry).
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on November 11, 2013 3:32pm
Though they have been performed in a number of places far from Texas -- even across the Pond -- my "Sweet Was the Song" will finally make its Austin debut as part of the Scottish Rite Theater's production of "The Second Shepherd's Play" (a medeival mystery play); and "Chanticleer" will be performed here for the first time this year by the Wassail Choir.

You can see the scores here:
Chris Humphrey
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on November 12, 2013 2:21pm
Via the internet, I have recently made contact with a lady called Armanda Patricio, who runs a children's choir and youth orchestra in Portugal.  On this occasion I made the initial contact via LinkedIn, rather than ChoralNet, but I guess it is another example of international co-operation!   They are going to perform my light-hearted children's piece, 'The Sleepy Shepherd Boy' in their Christmas concert on 18th December. They are called the Coros Voximix e Voximini,. and are based at the Conservatório Regional de Castelo Branco in Portugal.
Gordon Thornett, UK
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on November 12, 2013 2:51pm

One more... The Saginaw Choral Society in Michigan, USA, are presenting a concert called ‘Musical Tales’ on December 14, and this will include a performance of my Festive Overture: 'The Joy of Christmas ' (publ. Faber) - which has a choral ending.  I believe it was through one of my postings on ChoralNet that their conductor came across this piece, so thank you once again, ChoralNet!



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on November 13, 2013 4:37am
I've got a few Christmas performances coming up -
Chicago A Cappella will be performing "In The Bleak Midwinter" at their Christmas concerts -
Edinburgh University Singers will be performing "Balulalow" at the University Christmas Carol Service, and maybe others -
And the Edinburgh Singers will be performing both of the above pieces in their concert on 14th December!
I think there's also a choir in Toronto planning to do "Balulalow" - they ordered it last year but didn't have enough singers.
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