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Bring Your Own Devices

My school (middle school) is encouraging students to bring their own devices to each classroom.  I need to show how I am using BYOD in my classroom and I am interested to hear if any one else is doing this.  So far I've thought of:
1) Using devices to record parts of rehearsal so they can listen at home
2) Having a listening example link as they are getting seated for class (perhaps using a QR code)
3) Polling via text (perhaps to comment on a listening example or other material)
4) Entering information on a google form for a rubric at the end of class so they can rate how they think they performed in rehearsal
At the end of the year I need to present at a share fair, so any additional ideas or suggestions are welcome!
on October 31, 2013 9:37am
I have them text home the day before something is happening - concerts, bringing uniforms to school, etc.
on October 31, 2013 5:09pm
Some of mine have a book reading app on their phones. When they aren't rehearsing in musical theatre class, there are certain things they are allowed to do. Reading a book, whether a real book-Kindle-Kindle app, is accepted. 
When I forget my recorder, students have offered theirs to record us and play it back to make suggestions to improve.
I think what needs to be said: Not every child has a "device". Asking them to do a poll via their phone/device, listening on their device, etc, may also not be feasible for all students.  I personally do NOT have a smart phone, and no real plans to get one yet either. So I see things from the side of students who have either no phone, or a less capable one.
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