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I have no idea how to teach someone to sing

I've come to a weird realization.
If you put me in front of a choir that knows what they're doing, that can match pitch, follow me, I have a great time.  I can fix pitch issues, work on vowels, and so stuff that a music teacher is supposed to do.  And to be fair, I have 2 choir that do this.  They're great kids, and we have a blast learning music.
A third choir I teach has great kids.  Seriously, personality-wise, they're phenomenal.  However, getting them to match pitch?  To keep rhythm?  It's proving to be very difficult.  So a lot of my rehearsal techniques, my comments that I would suggest to my other 2 choirs, don't really work when I'm teaching the 3rd choir.  So when I drill 5-6 measures for 15 minutes, and then have them sing it, and it's not even close, I get frustrated, which in turn makes them less willing to learn, and then the cycle devolves.  I thought it might be a repertoire issue, but I've given them some pretty fun Christmas music, and it's just not happening.  It's not something I've ever come across, because up until now, every choir has had some musical ability.  I'm still very new to teaching, so it might just be a matter of practice and effort, but I could seriously use some help.
Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.
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