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Vocal training within Glee

Is there a place within 'Glee' for formal vocal training. With glee being portrayed as inclusive is there a way to formally develop the groups voices without excluding certain voices?
on November 15, 2013 10:07am
First of all, don't use the TV show "Glee" as a model for your ensemble. The piece is fictional and bears very little resemblance to actual show choir singing.
That being said, if you are performing pop music, or show choir, or Contemporary a cappella, then a great approach is to begin with vocal training. Begin with the basics, and gradually build voices. push for sectional or private voice lessons to be an integral part of the rehearsal process. There should not be a concept of "This is proper singing, and THIS is show choir." Singing is singing.
Care should be given also that you do not think of the show choir as an exclusionary group. While there is a level of musicality and technique that a singer must reach to effectively perform in this way, never say to a person, "You can't do it." Instead, work with them to build the skills required for this type of singing. Music first, THEN add staging.
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