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The Kwanzaa Project - A Collection for your Chorus

Choir type: School Choirs
Voicing: Children
The holiday season is coming upon us and I'm sure many of you are trying to pick holiday music for your choruses.  I am releasing an album called the Kwanzaa Project that I think might contain songs that would be enjoyable for your students. The Kwanzaa Project  is a culturally inspired celebration that tells a multicultural story of unconditional love. It is designed to both entertain and inform. 

Born out of the 7 principles of Kwanzaa, it is a collection of holiday songs that also tells the story of two Mississippi children named Sasha and Tana who learn valuable lessons about life, sharing and love. As Kwanzaa is a family shared experience, we conceived the album as a way to bring families, friends, relatives and acquaintances together with the goal of creating a better world. We want The Kwanzaa Project to inspire the listeners to sing along with the songs and learn about African American culture and it's importance in American life. The music includes influences from Reggae, R&B, Americana (Mississippi Delta), Pop, Blues, Soca and Latin. Please take time out of your busy schedule to take a listen. There are several songs I geared specifically towards choral interpretation.

Presently we are preparing for release and in the middle of Grammy consideration so the link you will have to hear the project is private. As we get closer to the holiday season, we will be doing more widespread promotion. It has been added to the catalogues of all major digital download retailers including and iTunes. 

We hope you enjoy it as we look to have everyone dancing, smiling and celebrating the gift of life that brings us all together! 

Thanks so much for your time and here is the link:

If you have any questions regarding the songs or entertain the idea of collaborating regarding them ( I love singing with kids!) please don't hesitate to ask.

Seta Majkia
Prodigy School of the Arts
NARA Member
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