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Boy chorister in a men's choir

I have a very small (12 voice) men's choir.  I have a new 9th grader who sings in a boy choir (SII.)  This is definitely a developing choir so I have no problem with a "tenor" who sings many of the notes an octave higher.  However, in listening to him individually, I've found that he has begun a voice change.  When I ask him to sing in his "speaking voice" he has a nice G and A below middle C.  When we sing as a group though, he brings his head voice down and he is terrified of cracking.  I know that he doesn't want to "give up" his beautiful soprano voice.  How do I approach this?  I do know who his other conductor is and since she has dealt with thousands of changing voices, I'm sure she'd have some wisdom if I contacted her.  I just thought I'd try this first.
Ironic that the junior boy in the group who has sung soprano the past two years finally went through a voice change and can no longer sing above middle C!
Thanks in advance.
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