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Suggestions for All-State Choir Directors for those of you who have hosted the event

I am the Chairperson for the Virginia Senior Honors Choir and I am looking for suggestions for future directors.
Please provide information concerning the student's experience and their level of organization (response to e-mails, etc.).  If you would like to contact me directly, my e-mail is listed at the bottom of this post.
Thanks for your time.
on September 16, 2013 8:32pm
Thiss sounds like a great opportunity.  I have a few in mind, but I want to be sure we are thinking along the same lines.
Can you provide a little more information - especially for those of us out of state?
Is this an opportunity for 20-something college-age students only?  Are non-Virginia residents eligible?
Would this person work "under" a mentor, or basically direct an ensemble on his/her own?
is there a website that describes the responsibility and logistics involved?
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