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Quebec Masterclass

Our HS choir and band are traveling to Quebec this April.  We would really like to do a choir and band, respectively, masterclass at a University in the area and neither I nor the band director are familiar with conductors there.  Do you have suggestions of who would work well with intermediate to advanced high school students in that capacity?  Please include contact name.
Thank you so much for your collective help!
Dr. Randi Carp
Phoenixville Area HS
Phoenixville, PA
on September 12, 2013 7:21am
Hello Randi,
I would be pleased to help out, having been a member (prof) of the staff of McGill University's Faculty of Music, now the Schulich School of Music, for 30+ years, as well as a graduate. Also, I have English-speaking colleagues in Quebec City (U. de Quebec) and Sherbrooke, Quebec (U. de Sherbrooke), mostly former students, whom I could recommend and speak to. These would be in the choral area.
When you say coming to 'Quebec', is this with general reference to the province, or Quebec City in particular (generally referred to simply as 'Quebec')? I know of at least one US choir that came to Montreal, and I believe Quebec City, this past year, and had a ball. The director could certainly give you some pointers, though I do not know if she had a workshop at McGill or just a concert. McGill's Schulich School of Music band (jazz band inparticular) program is outstanding, and considered one of the top ten North American programs. I can certainly put you in touch with the top people there. I am not familiar with band programs in the other universities, but you can't go wrong with McGill!
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