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Singing and plugged ears

I am looking for any insight on a problem I'm having with a plugged ear that I first noticed when singing and now is also occuring in other musical settings.  
Last December my left ear became plugged about 45 minutes into a choir rehearsal.  It wasn't painful and lasted for 30 minutes or so.  I thought maybe I was developing some sort of sinus issue but I had no other symptons and nothing developed.  I continued to experience this issue occassionaly, but only during choir rehearsals and only in the left ear.  My left jaw does pop when fully opened so I asked my dentist about it and he thought it could be related but couldn't know for sure without further examination.  This spring/summer I started having issues with post nasal drip and an increased occurrence of the plugged ear, not only after singing for a period of time but also after playing handbells for a period of time (which I just most recently experienced last evening).  I have seen two ENTs in the past few weeks, one of whom prescribed a nasal spray and the other has suggested chemical cauterization if the symptoms persits with continued used of the nasal spray.  I do take a claritin daily for non-environmental allergies and not sure if upping the dosage would help as I'm not confident that my ear blockage issue is truly related to sinus issues.  Given the circumstances under which the blockage occurs, I have to think that something else is causing a pressure change in my ears that's music related.  
I'm hoping someone has heard of something similar or can offer any additional insight.  Thank you in advance!
Lori Fenton
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