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Aria ornamentation in Baroque Oratorio: Who has the final say?

Opinion question, all discussion welcomed!  When using multiple soloists in the same work( ie Handel's Messiah) do you, as the conductor, provide a desired level of ornamentation or do you leave it to your professional soloists to bring their versions, no attempt to unify acros the board?  
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on September 8, 2013 2:36pm
Dan, thanks so much for your wonderful response.  To clarify:  let's say 2 of the 3 soloists use judicious ornamentaion, but the 3rd may stray heavily toward flourid ornamentation.  'Unify' in this case, would mean asking for slightly less ornamentation from the one singer, so that the over-all level of the solo sections seemed like they belong in the same performance.  I work with young professionals who often bring well-crafted, and studied ornamentation to the table, and are also amenable to collaboration.  I love the collaborative process, but worry about stepping 'over the line' as it were.
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