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Christmas Music for a Small Church Choir- Sources for Repertoire Desperately Needed!

Greetings, all! I am looking for Christmas music that I can do with a small, relatively inexperienced church choir. I have (at maximum) 3 sopranos, 2 altos, 1 tenor, and a baritone. I am looking for anything that's not terribly difficult (We are still working on the basics of vocal technique, and so far, we have only been able to sing simple things in unison). Also, if any of you know any Christmas music in the gospel style, I would love any suggestions for that as well! If there are any more diificult works that can be simplified, that will help as well! In general, I just need sources. It just seems like there's so much out there and I don't really know what's what. Again, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Yours in Christ,
Bryan Alston
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on April 10, 2014 11:14am
The following titles come to mind....
I Shall Know Him When He Comes (Douglas Wagner) Hope Publications.  Beautiful, thoughtful.....I love the phrase from the text.....warmed by the breathe of cows and sheep.....Easy to teach and lovely.
Night of Silence (Daniel Kantor) GIA.....beautiful and can be sung with Silent Night as a partner song.  I have used it many is very effective to sing Silent Night in Spanish (Noche de Paz).
The First Noel/Pachebel's Canon (Michael Clawson) Alfred Publications......Just stunning as a piece for Christmas.....I arranged the accompaniment for two violins and cello.........Beautiful!
Hallellu (Stephen Paulus) Schott Music.......beautiful, easily learned and useable with many configuations (middle school, high school, church choir).....I've used it all those places.
Lullaby (John Ness Beck) Beckenhorst Press....3-part (SSB)....lovely....beautiful text and always well received.
Sleep, Holy Child (John W. Peterson) from Night of Miracles....probably out of print.....I have a copy if interested....I adapted it from a soprano solo to a three-part women's number.   I have used it at high school (SSA group) and for church choir.....beautiful and "puccini like" in the vocal line.
Let me know if you need more choices....I've got at least 50 recommendations if interested!
Noel E. White
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