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Hi, I was wondering if I could ask for your help here... Last year, my voice broke, and it was really strange for me. The day before I was singing really high notes and was a pretty good singer, however,  now I can't even sing confidently above an E above middle C in my chest voice! I'm in musical theatre, and all the other boys around me are singing up to A/B's above middle C in their chest voices, and I feel embarrassed and upset cause I can't get anywhere near that... If I want a career in musical theatre, (which I do, Badly!) then I must be able to reach these same notes, (A/B's). Also, the group I'm in are performing the phantom of the Opera in April and auditions are approaching, and as you know you need MANY tenors for this show, and I'd love the chance to get a part, but sadly I know it won't be because of my voice... Are there any exercises I can perform to make my range increase, and I'm open to any tips, advice or information you can give me! Everytime I try to go high, it goes out of tune! Please help!
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