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Looking for a "Pater Noster" for church choir

I'm in the process of planning a "Rosary" group of pieces for October. I have 3 different versions of "Ave Maria" and need a "Paster Noster."  I was hoping to find something accompanied or simple SATB. Also, wouldn't mind finding a short "Gloria Patri." Any advice?
Thanks in advance.
Sara R. Hanson
Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church
Seattle, WA
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on August 12, 2013 3:22pm
Hi Sara,
I wrote a setting of Pater Noster a few years back, which is for SATB with occasional splits. You can listen to it here:
I'm happy to send you a perusal score if you like it and, if it's for liturgical use, I will grant you a licence gratis.
Best wishes,
********************************* John Duggan
Creative Arts Fellow
Wolfson College
Oxford OX2 6UD 07533 722996 *********************************
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