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Call for Authors: Choral Music, the Military, and Music Education

I am the Academic Editor of Music Educators Journal, and I am in the preliminary stages of planning a special focus issue related to the military's role in United States music education and how music education presently functions within military schools.  I am specifically seeking a proposal from a strong writer for an article focused on choral music in the military and its relationship to music education. There is potential for the article to be presented, pre-publication, at the 2014 St. Augustine Symposium on Music Education History (end of May 2014).  
Music Educators Journal has a print circulation of nearly 70,000 and is the world’s most widely-read music education journal.
The following broad outline of deadlines has been established:
   through September 1, 2013:  solicitation of potential authors and topics
   September 1, 2013:  agreement to participate
   September 15, 2013:  submission of topic
   October 1, 2013:  submission of title and preliminary 200-word abstract
   January 6, 2014:  submission of initial draft (12-14 double-spaced pages of text plus references)
   February 3, 2014:  editorial review of draft manuscripts; comments returned to author on or before this date
   February 17, 2014:  submission of manuscript for Symposium consideration and, hopefully, concurrent submission for publication consideration in MEJ
Please let me know how I can assist as you consider participating in this project.  I am eager to hear your thoughts.
Take care,
Dr. Patrick K. Freer
Academic Editor, Music Educators Journal
Georgia State University
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