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Fantastic Opportunity - 2015 Festival of Brass and Voices at the Royal Albert Hall , London , England

Location: England, United Kingdom
Every 3 years Cancer Research UK organises a concert at the Royal Albert Hall and the proceeds go to the charity. My Company , JacTravel has been booking the accommodation, transportation and meals for them for a number of years.
Syd Harris, the Chairman of the Cancer Research Organising Committee, would really like the 2015 Festival to feature an international choir.
For your information the UK choir programme is a weekend programme. They arrive on Friday 13 November from all points in the UK
Saturday morning the choirs have a rehearsal at the Albert Hall
Saturday evening they take part in the concert.
We provide the coach/accommodation and some meals if required.
We could arrange a UK tour for the overseas choir prior to the concert at the Albert Hall and we would have the support of the Organising Committee who could arrange concerts during this tour with some of the choirs that perform at the concert. The concerts during the tour could also act as a rehearsal for the big event !
We would envisage it working is as follows
The concert is taking place on Saturday 14 November 2015 and there were 1300 singers taking part in 2012.
We would hope that the international choirs would arrive around +/- 11 days prior to the event and we could offer a England tour with some concert performances in certain areas (mainly Yorkshire) before returning back to London on 13 November 2015 ready for the concert on the 14 November.
The repertoire for 2012 consisted of sacred and secular music. There are no solos or particular choirs featured so the choirs will have to buy in to a massed choir event rather than an opportunity to perform individually, however we can provide opportunities at other concerts for that .
The committee are currently deciding the repertoire/programme of the concert. Once decided, it’s sent to the choirs who commit to rehearsing the pieces on their own. The Committee try  to select a programme where the music costs to the choir, ie reproduction of pieces  is not too great by choosing pieces that are out of copyright restrictions. The Organising Committee have choir masters who would be available remotely to help with any issues and there may possibly be audio aides available as well to help them learn any pieces that are unfamiliar.
We would envisage that there would be direct contact between the Choir Directors and the Organising Committee for matters concerning the musical content.
We have some DVD’s and CDs of past concerts which we can send to any interested parties and are also planning to try to upload an excerpt of the last concert on to Youtube .
We would need a minimum of 25 choir members to take part and they can bring family/supporters who can purchase the package and tickets for the concert.
We are currently negotiating the rate for the event for the UK choirs, once that is decided we will include this in the touring quote for international choir. We will also include the costs for the concert arrangements during their tour and one rehearsal either alone or jointly with other choirs.
If the above is of interest please do contact me