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Choir Anniversary Season Ideas

Hi choral friends! 
My name is Erin Gray and I am the director of the Minnesota Mormon Chorale.  We are coming up on our 10th season and I am looking for ideas on things to do for the choir AND the audience to celebrate this important milestone.  I would love to hear what has worked well for your choir.  Here are a few ideas floating around in my brain:
1.  Commission a piece by one of the choir's favorite composers.
2.  Put together a Shutterfly book of the first 10 years (that each person can order for themself if they desire). 
3.  Sing a few favorite pieces from the first 10 years at a concert.
4.  Have a professional private recording session (perhaps of the commissioned piece?)
5.  Invite alumni to sing in a concert or participate in a celebration??
6.  Bring in guest conductors.
7.  How to thank audience? 
Ideas can be "big" or "small".  Just want to help celebrate this great achievement by wonderful singers who have given so much! 
Thanks in advance!
Erin Gray
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