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Voice problems

Hi Friends,
I am a middle school choral director and also an active singer. I began having vocal problems after returning to teaching from 8+ years of being a stay-at-home mom. Specifically, I am experiencing my voice cracking or "cutting out" on me at random times when I am singing. I am 37 and female-lyric soprano. I have never had this or anything like this happen with my voice before and I am a very experienced performer. I have seen an ENT voice specialist and he looked at my voice and said that he only saw some vocal chord redness and swelling. I saw a speech/voice therapist and that helped a little, only to help me remember to breathe and use correct posture. The issue is that nothing seems to be helping and I am still having these problems. I tried reflux medicine. No improvement. I am wondering if it could be allergies. Vocal exercises don't seem to be helping either. I can sometimes get through a whole song without it happening, but then it will happen on the next song. My voice has always been reliable if I used correct technique and now I just can't count on it and my confidence has taken a hit. Does anyone have any idea what could be going on? Heavy voice use (like teaching) makes it worse, but it is summer and I am still experiencing these problems.
Thanks for your help!
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