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William Stickles Biography?

Hi all,
Does anyone know anything about William Stickles (1882-1971), the prodigious arranger/composer? He wrote scads of arrangements of Broadway tunes for choirs of all voicings, but my internet searches have come up empty when I try to find anything about his life. Thanks for anything you might know or discover!
on July 28, 2013 6:22pm
Stickles, William, composer, ar­ranger, teacher, editor; b. Cohoes, N.Y., March 7. ASCAP 1928. Educ.: Utica Cons., Syracuse Univ. Abroad for seven years of advanced study, at same time acting as assistant to Isa-dore Braggiotti, voice teacher, Flor­ence, Italy, five years; solo repititeur of Hof Theater, Munich with Felix Mottl, two years, returning to U.S. to teach, Boston and New York. Works: many choral, organ and piano ar­rangements of standard compositions; original works: "Samoan Love Songs"; "Who Knows"; "Ah, Mv Beloved"; "The Open Road"; "Peter Pan"; "The
Mither Heart"; "Expectancy"; "My Soul is Athirst for God"; "Grant Me, Dear Lord, Deep Peace of Mind"; "Thus Saith the Lord"; "Still, Still With Thee." Home: 3 North Dr., Malba, L.I., N.Y.

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