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Poulenc: Gloria Orchestra parts.

From Deirdre Serio
I am interested in borrowing/renting orchestral parts for the Poulenc Gloria. A publisher is asking  so much more that what was budgeted for music for this program.
Reply from Clinton F. Nieweg,
The work is under copyright and the ONLY legal parts are available on rental from Salabert/Boosey NY.
Boosey & Hawkes
Boosey will only accept quotes and rental orders via their online quote and rental order forms. Their standard rental period is ten (10) weeks. This can be extended to twelve (12) weeks at no extra charge if necessary.
Rental Order/Quote Request form can be accessed at:
Using any other material would allow Boosey to sue your organization.
Always ask a publisher for a Price Quote before programming any work that is under copyright and on rental.  An organization cannot just set a budget on their own without knowing the rental costs.
The Gloria orchestra parts have many mistakes.  Contact Lee Barrow for his errata lists.  He has been trying to have Salabert publish a corrected set since 1987 but to date the publisher has not done so.
Lee Barrow [Poulenc Gloria expert]
Professor of Music
North Georgia College & State University Dahlonega, GA 30597
Barrow publications:
“Problematic Poulenc: A call for Durand-Salabert-Eschig to issue a corrected edition of Francis Poulenc’s Gloria (and how to cope in the meantime).” International Choral Bulletin,  2010
 “Francis Poulenc’s Gloria: Corrections to the New (1996) Score.” Journal of the Conductor’s Guild, Winter/Spring–Summer/Fall 2001
“Using Poulenc’s manuscripts to rectify discrepancies in the new edition of his Gloria.” Choral Journal, May 2000
“Francis Poulenc’s Gloria: Clearing up discrepancies among the published scores.” International Choral Bulletin, April 1988
“Errata in the scores and parts of Francis Poulenc’s Gloria: A second look.” American Choral Foundation Research Memorandum #146, November 1987
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