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new singer with breathy middle range

I am a bit stuck with a new singer who has been in my choir - sung many a solo without so much as a glitch and has now developed a very breathy weak middle range from about a b above middle c upwards to about an e above that where the sound becomes so weak it cracks.  I have tried everything I know to try and can not seem to make a difference to the sound.  She is 12 nearly 13 and was singing with a beautiful clear tone not too long ago so I am a little flumoxed.  can you help?
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on April 12, 2013 1:49pm
I believe this 'breathy' sound is very common among female choristers. It seems to correlate with a 'singing' set.: "now I'm going to sing and am going into singing mode". It is particularly preveant in women of a certain age who come rather late to choral work.
It is much less common in children who are generally much less inhibited and SING AS THEY SPEAK. Herein lies a salutory lesson for all would be singers: Base your singing on your speaking voice. Allow it to become an extension  - a more glorious version of your own speakng voice and personality.
I suppose it is possible that the increased self-conciousness of adolscent children causes them to become more ojective in their singing and to appraise their efforts more critically, thereby causing inhibitory tensions which interfere with the normal and complete adduction of the vocal folds. I would just quote Garcia: 'observe nature's laws...' and allow the words and music to dictate the sort of attack needed. Even - forget singing. Speak the music with love.
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