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Accompaniment files (midi)

I just looked at my amazing file of accompaniment files that I have been making with Finale Allegro for the past 7 years.  I enter the piano accompaniment, save as a midi, and then turn it into an mp3 or m4a file to use during rehearsals (and during performances occasionally).  Perhaps other directors have done the same thing with pieces that they have programmed.
Is it legal to post these someplace, so that we can share them?
on January 4, 2013 8:54am
Donna:  It is certainly legal, provided that you got permission from the copyright owner of every copyrighted piece you've "recorded."
Oh, perhaps you skipped that step in the process?  Then it is certainly NOT legal to distribute illegal copies.  For your own use, probably no one will notice.  Start distributing someone else's property and you take your chances. 
But it's easy:  ask permission.  That's one of those things we're supposed to have learned in kindergarten.
All the best,
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