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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.



2012 Summer/Fall

1) ICEP Division Liaisons selected in consultation with Division Presidents (ICEP Director).

2) International choral associations identified and contacted (Executive Director).

3) Selection of Review Panel (ICEP Director) .

4) Review of ICEP processes and procedures (ICEP Director and National Past President).

5) Review of expectations and qualifications of US participants (ICEP Director and National Past President).

2013 Spring

1) March: Information prepared and made ready (ICEP Director).

2) April: Information about ICEP disseminated (ICEP Director, Division Presidents, and Division Liaisons).

3) April: Call for applications (ICEP Director).

2013 Summer

1) April - September: Infrastructure in participating countries developed (ICEP Director and Executive Director) .

2) July 1: Due date for candidate submissions.

3) Receive and review applications (Review Panel).

4) Schedules for visiting conductors outlined (Division Liaisons, Division Presidents, and ICEP Director).

2013 Fall

1) Schedule for U.S. conductors reviewed and finalized (ICEP Director and participating organizations).

2) U.S. participants selected (Review Panel) and notified (ICEP Director) by September 15.

3) December 1: Candidates formal acceptances due.

2014 Winter

1) Final arrangements for visiting conductors (Division Liaisons and ICEP Director).

2) Final arrangements for U.S. conductors (ICEP Director and participating organizations).

3) Schedules sent to participants (ICEP Director).

2014 Spring

February/March: Division Conventions. Selected ICEP participants must be present to host their international counterparts.

2014 TBD

US ICEP Participants travel to host country for reciprocal exchange.