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Composition Spotlight: O Captain! My Captain!

Composition Spotlight ~ by Jack Senzig
(Each week we look at a piece of useful repertoire from the ChoralNet Community Composition Showcase.  A variety of voicings and levels of difficulty will be presented.  Enjoy!)
O Captain! My Captain! by Andrew Bowling for TTBB and piano (click for partial PDF and audio)
Level: High School Men’s choir or higher
Uses: General Concert Use
Programing themes: Work Songs, Songs of the Sea, Songs for Dead Leaders
This piece would program well with: Dave Perry’s Ghost Ship JWPepper (TBB Out of Print) or Sheet Music Plus  (TB only).
O Captain! My Captain! is irresistible for it’s animated accompaniment and beautiful vocal lines.  A mostly homophonic texture with small a cappella sections will challenge and inspire your men.  All parts get to sing melody for a time, which will please younger singers.  This piece will be a lot of fun to sing and audiences will love its charming, boisterous, manly strains. The text starts triumphantly as the ship pulls into port but turns dark as the captain lies dead on the deck.  Be sure to listen all the way to the end, you won’t be disappointed. 
(Original publication: October 14, 2012)