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final countdown--last chance for photcopyable Rachmaninoff

I'm thrilled to be so close to the goal of $750 with two days to go!  Rachmaninoff never really expected his music to be sung by Americans, but I think we can make it happen--giving Rachmaninoff a chance and giving women's choirs easy (and inexpensive!) access to some amazing repertoire.  They deserve it, and so does Serge!

If I exceed the goal, I have special plans:

--for international singers and the dictionally-inclined, I'll include an IPA transliteration in addition to the Roman transliteration!  

--for everyone, I'll throw in extra bonus stickers of Rachmaninoff's disembodied head! 

So if there's anyone you haven't alerted to the project, now's the time to let them know.  And if you've already pestered everyone in your social network, please do so again!

Big thanks to all of you!