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Band director's guide to teaching choir

This post is meant mostly for those who have taught band and choir.
I am a senior music education major with a focus in secondary band at Pacific Lutheran University and am currently taking a Choral Methods course for instrumentalists. For my final project, I am researching the logistics of teaching choir in addition to band and what it would be essential for a band director to know in order to teach choir. My presentation is essentially meant to be a band director's guide to teaching choir. My own experience in choir has been very limited, so any input you can give regarding my questions below will be greatly appreciated.
What do you find are the biggest issues in running the two programs? 
What are the biggest differences between teaching band and choir?
What would you say is essential for a band director to know in order to teach choir competently?
If you are primarily a band director but have taught choir as well, what were some main areas where you felt you lacked the adequate knowledge to be an effective educator and what resources did you use to help fill those gaps?
If you are primarily a choral director but have taught band, what did you find yourself doing differently for band rehearsals?
Thank you!
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