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Comparable programs in churches with ~75 or less av. Sunday attendance?

Hi -- here's the repertoire (mostly anthems and introits) that my 10-16 voice SATB choir sang in our 'progressive' UCC church this past year and a list of favorites we recorded last spring. If anyone uses similar music, I'd love to connect with you to share ideas and repertoire -- if there are enough of us, maybe we could form a small group to share recommendations?
Alabaré         Alonso, Manual José & José Pagán         1979
Blessed is the People         Norton, Patricia       1985
Bring Us To Your Light        Mollicone, Henry      1994
Cantate Domino       Pitoni, Giuseppe (1657-1742)        1600s
Canto de Esperanza “Song of Hope”        Argentinian folk melody, traditional Spanish text    
Chorale         Norton, Rebecca, txt by Foulkes, Wm (1877-1962)       2011
Come, Come, Whoever You Are      Ungar, Lynn Adair, text Rumi       1900s, 1200s
Day by Day   How, Martin, txt St. Richard of Chichester        1977, c.1197-1253
Deep River    trad. Afr. Am. Spiritual , arr. Hayden, Joel        1979
Dixit Maria    Hassler, Hans Leo    1564-1612
Draw Nigh to Thy Jerusalem    Greatorex, Walter, txt by Taylor, Jeremy   1900s, 1600s
Gabriel's Message   Willcocks, David      
God Created Heaven and Earth      trad. Pi-po melody, text Taiwanese hymn trans. Boris & Clare Anderson     
God is My Shepherd   Dvorák, Anton, arr. Clokey, Joseph       1841-1904
Great Day     trad. Afr. Am. Spiritual, arr. Moore, Donald; Beatty, Christopher          1982
How Could Anyone Ever Tell You     Roderick, Libby    1988
How Lovely, Lord, How Lovely       Hopson, Hal 1983, text Duba, Arlo 1984 1983
Humility        trad. Shaker, arr. Jeffers, Ron      1800s
I Sat Down Under His Shadow       Bairstow, Edward C.          1874-1946
I Sing of a Maiden that is Mateless          Waters, Charles, text 15th century          1937
I Sing With Exultation         Manz, Felix trans. Wenger, Marion        
I Want Jesus to Walk with Me        traditional African-American, arr. Williams, Roderick      
I Want to Walk as A Child of the Light      Thomerson, Kathleen        
I Woke Up This Morning      African-American spiritual 
If With All Your Hearts from Elijah Mendelssohn, Felix  1846
I'll Fly Away  Brumley, Albert       1929
In Heavenly Love Abiding   Govenor, Deborah text Waring, Anna      1993 1850
In Love We Come to Thee    Handel, G.F.; adapted by Ferguson, E.E. 1743
In Silence We Wait   Larson, Lloyd, text Parker, John   2000
Jubilate Deo  Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus          (1756-1791)
Jubilate Deo  Crocker, Emily,  text Psalm 100    1985
Just As I Am  Chilcott, Bob 1995
Lead Me, Lord          Wesley, Samuel       1800s
Magnificat     Berthier, Jacques, words Taizé Community       1979
May the Words of my Mouth         Norton, Patricia       2003
Medieval Gloria       Singh, Vijay 
Mi Yitneni Of           traditional Jewish, arr. Snyder, Audrey, words by D. Shimoni          2000
Mothering God, You Gave Me Birth Janzen, Jean 1991
Nada te turbe Taizé Community, txt St. Teresa of Avila, 16th cent      1991
Never weather-beaten sail  Wood, Charles, text Campion, Thomas    (1866-1926)
No Need to Knock     Albrecht, Sally         1996
Non Nobis Domine    Byrd, William or anonymous        1500s
O Come, O Come Emmanuel         Veni Emmanuel       1500s
On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry         Puer Nobis    1500s
Psalm of Life Dickey, Lotus, text by Longfellow  (1911-1989)
Richard de Castre's Prayer to Jesus        Terry, R.R. Sir         1923 1430
Simple Gifts  Copland, Aaron       1950
Sing Praise to God    Pfautsch, Lloyd        1959
Song of the Angel      Mennonite, arr. Parker, Alice       
Spirit Chant   Williams, Star          20th cent
Surrexit Christus hodie        Gumpeltzhaimer, Adam      (1559-1625)
The Heavens Resound        Beethoven, Ludwig von, text by Christian Gellert          1800
The Twenty-Third Psalm     McFerrin, Bobby      1990
Who Would Think that What was Needed trad. English, txt & arr. Iona Community, Scotland      
Won't You Let Me Be Your Servant?          Gillard, Richard       1977
Yarabba ssalami     traditional Palestinian, arr. Sheena Phillips   2009
Your Hands, O Lord, in Days of Old         Forest Green, arr. Niedmann, Peter    1993
CD contents:
Standing in the Need of Prayer      traditional African-American
Ave Verum Corpus      Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus  (1791)
Make Our Church One Joyful Choir    Daley, Eleanor  (1994)
The Pasture   Stroope, Z.Randall  (2000)
The tree of life my soul hath seen     Poston, E. & Smith, J.  (1967)
I Thank You God    Pfautsch, Lloyd  (1964)
Hallelujah, Amen from Judas Maccabeus    Handel, Georg Frederick  (1746)
My Lord, What a Mornin'     Burleigh, H.T.  (1924)
My Shepherd Will Supply My Need    Thomson, Virgil  (1938)
Ave Maria    Victoria, Thomas Luis da   (~1549-1611)
Ecce Fidelus Servus   Faure, Gabriel  (1854-1924)
If Ye Love Me    Tallis, Thomas   (~1505-1585)
Split a Piece of Wood    Norton, P.S.  (2005)
Replies (10): Threaded | Chronological
on May 11, 2012 5:27am
Patricia - I work in a Methodist Church in a small New England town of 5000.  The choir and congregation are similar in size to your situation.  Great that you have taken time to submit this list(!), and I do recognize some of your titles.  I'd be glad to share with you a list of songs we've sung this past season.  I'd also be open to forming a small group for exchange of ideas and favorite pieces.
on August 13, 2012 6:38pm
Hi Nancy --
 I finally managed to create a community here on choralnet called "Small Church Choir" -- we can both discuss ideas and favorite pieces there and I'd be happy to post a pdf of your list of songs in the library for everyone who is curious to see -- let me know what you think.
Best wishes -
on May 11, 2012 7:41am
Patricia - Ditto here on a number of counts - size of choir (we CAN be up to 22, but usually are running 14-16), although the size of the congregation is larger (roughly 250-300).  But the literature seems similar in a number of ways - I note the "Ave verum Corpus" by Mozart and "Cantate Domino" by Pitoni; we do a substantial amount of a cappella music at the military chapel (my preference, I admit).  More than happy to be a part of a group to exchange ideas and works!
on May 11, 2012 10:36am
    You could start your own community on ChoralNet, join the Music In Worship community or continue to post about repertoire here.  My church choir is a bit smaller than yours but I believe that I and others like me could still benefit from your postings where ever you put them. 
on May 12, 2012 7:11am
Patricia...and others:
Count me in to continue to share repertoire for a small choir that is worthy and accessible, however that is best to set up.  The group that I work with is even smaller (8-14) than yours. We often adapt satb arrangments iin our files to  two-part....or unison.   We are fortunate that our accompanist is an accomplished pianist who can play  diverse styles....and occasioinallly there is another pianist for variety we have used anthems such as four-hand, one piano example being Joel Raney's "The TIme for Praying".  
Have a question:   was the Bobby Ferriin well received?  Did you give any prep info about the text?....Was this the first time it was sung?...and was it used on a "special" Sunday, (not that they all aren't :-)) but I'm wonderiing perhaps Women in the Pulpit or some time similar? 
Your repertoire list, Patricia, is really inspiriing....what diversity!!Thank you for this.   It might be interesting to see similar from each of us.  I'll be glad to post, if others think this might be helpful.
Margaret Blackwell
on May 12, 2012 1:34pm
Lovely choices and nice diversity!   Please count me in, whatever form this takes...
on August 12, 2012 8:09am
YES!!! Count me in!  I work at a progressive American Baptist choir. Average congregation attendance is around 80, choir 8-14 (except at Christmas when I pull in friends and family to bump us up to 20).   I'd be happy to share our anthem list.  I have the added challenge of working within the confines of the lectionary...though I also have the freedom to do everything from Gregorian Chant to the Beatles and everything in between as long as it fits the theme of the day.
How about a Yahoo or Facebook group?
on August 13, 2012 7:44am
Great idea!  What's happening with this??
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