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"Growing" a church choir

The church choir I work with is very small, 4 women who are weak singers. I'm working on building their skills, but there are just so few of them. I'm looking for suggestions for drawing in new members so that hopefully in the fall we will give stronger leadership. I have said that there have to be more than 2 to process and yesterday there was one. It's discouraging. I have tried to be upbeat in my requests for more members but everyone says they're too busy, or they can't sing. I thought I'd try offering singing classes, kind of 'Singing 101', to give the average congregation member basic skills, so maybe we would glean new members from that but if not, at least there would be better singing overall on Sunday mornings. Any ideas?
I started as music director in October and it has been a challenge. I also wonder if there might be other ideas about music ministry, how it might be expanded to be more than 'just' choir and organ. I have tried to interest youth in creating a praise band, have looked for instrumentalists (clarinet, violin, etc.) to augment the music, did an organ/piano duet with the organist, and have brought my guitar to help lead the Sunday School song. Any help out there?
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on May 7, 2012 11:06am
This kind of sounds like a "church" problem more than a music ministry problem.  What is the average attendance?
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