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Correction/Omissions to CCMC Finalists for American Prize in Choral Composition

I left out three of our members and made an error in the announcement about the finalists for this prize.  Jenni Brandon, Brian Holmes, and Jason Saunders are also finalists.  This prize is for Choral Composition, there are other prizes. 
The Composers of Choral Music Community on ChoralNet has several members that have made the final cut in the American Prize for Choral Composition competition.   Greg Bartholomew, Melinda Bargreen,  Robert RossBrian Holmes, Jenni BrandonJason Saunders and Joshua Fishbein are all in the final round.   Greg, Melinda, Robert Jenni and Brian are in the professional level and Joshua an Jason are in the student level.  The winners will be announced in May. 
My apologies to Jenni, Brian and Jason for the oversight.  I do not have an easy way to edit things I put up in the Announcements forum but I can set the record straight here.  The American Prize people are now making announcements on ChoralNet themselves so I am not likely to do so other than in our own community forum or if a member wins and is not mentioned by the prize committee. 
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