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Choral music documentaries?

Each season my symphonic chorus hosts an outreach event at our local repertory cinema where we screen a documentary film about the power of choral singing or a composer featured in an upcoming concert.  In 2011 we showed "the Singing Revolution" and in 2012 we offered "24 Preludes for a Fugue," about Arvo Pärt and his music.  I am looking for a film to include at our "Philharmonic Night at the Movies" in 2012-2013 and wonder if others have ideas for a powerful, important and interesting documentary film that could be screened. It doesn't have to be attached to repertroire that we are preparing, but in case any of this repertoire triggers an idea, here is our season:
Beethoven 9
Mozart Requiem, with Ich habe Genug, BWV 82 and O Jesu Christ, meine Lebens Licht, BWV 118
Britten's St. Nicholas
Richard Einhorn's Voices of Light (which itself is a sound track to a 1928 silent film, which will be screened during the concert)
Bach Mass is B Minor
Duruflé Requiem, with Tallis Spem in Alium, Sheppard Media Vita and Purcell anthems
Many thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.
Mark Vuorinen, Artistic Director 
Grand Philharmonic Choir
Kitchener, Ontario
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